Formula Drift Long Beach 2023

As is tradition, I attended this year’s Formula Drift event in Long Beach, California. I went with my dad, and we had general admission, standing-only tickets, for what turned out to be a sold-out weekend. It was certainly the busiest that I had seen the event.

For Saturday, I brought along my Canon 5D IV equipped with my vintage Pentax 135mm Super Takumar lens, with which I was able to capture the image above. The real challenge for me wasn’t manual focus, but finding the right shutter speed and aperture to capture the action, since these guys were going wicked fast! And with how crowded it was this year (and the fact I’m too cheap to pay for a media pass), I really had to stake out and defend my chosen spot. I managed to snap a few shots that I’m proud of, this being one of them!