Formula Drift Long Beach 2023

As is tradition, I attended this year’s Formula Drift event in Long Beach, California. I went with my dad, and we had general admission, standing-only tickets, for what turned out to be a sold-out weekend. It was certainly the busiest…

Secret Weapon, II

I love classic cars. I think they’re the perfect subject for my XA2 loaded with black and white film. This car was quite weathered, but it doesn’t even matter- if anything it adds “character” to the image.

God 1st

Captured this image of my good homie @JaaeKash in front of the new 6th Street Viaduct in Los Angeles. Taken with my newly restored Olympus XA2! I am excited to shoot more with this camera.

cool views

lovely fluffy cottony clouds of shapeless shapes that may or may not resemble thisorthat if you really look closely…

mack 10

From Jaae Kash’s “Mack 10” music video, of which I was lucky enough to have a hand in directing and producing. During the takes, I was pretty much just snapping shots with my film camera, and vibing out to the…


“art is never finished, only abandoned.” one of my favorite quotes, and i’ve seen it attributed to many different people, though i think it holds it’s own even without a famous name attached. i took this image of an abandoned…

home plate

Dodger’s Stadium is the iconic ballpark of Los Angeles, overlooking the Downtown LA skyline. Best ballpark hot dog in America: The Dodger Dog!

flying v

An image from a peaceful evening watching the skies of cotton candy clouds, this palm tree-o, and a flying-v of birds flying by…


The iconic view of Downtown Los Angeles as seen from just above the 110S FWY, on a cloudy weekday just after the sun had set.